Most people who own homes don’t invest much time thinking about the health of their roofing.  As long as it’s not leaking the roof is fine right? Leaving the roof uncleansed could result in a number of concerns that if left ignored can trigger significant damage to the pointing and also the tiles. This kind of negligence will ultimately bring about the wear and tear of the roofing quickly without notice.

Cleaning your roof periodically could prevent much needed repair in the future.  This post will certainly discuss some of the signs of trouble, the causes, and a few of the cleansing techniques employed to handle potential problems.  Precautionary steps are most likely less expensive than repair service or replacement.

Mildew or fungus is typically found on the incline of the roof covering which has the least sun exposure. There are roof shingles made with zinc or copper that has been developed to prevent algal growth. Some individuals stress wash the algae which is commonly an excellent remedy however typical methods such as low pressure washing with a brush could also be utilized so as not to ruin a fragile roof covering. There are also chemical solutions to fix this trouble which will certainly avoid algae and fungi from growing. It is best to consult with a professional roof cleaning company to help make the right decision.

Staining to the roof can take place when debris such as tree leaves collect on the roof. These stacks maintain dampness and could create severe damage if left untreated. Both algae as well as fungus can form in addition to the growth of plants which at some point can trigger huge roofing leaks. Moss, mildew, as well as plants will certainly grow on a neglected roof and the best technique of repairing this is usually roof cleansing. Care must to be taken in order to not ruin any tiles or various other roof covering types.

Black Streaking takes place on your roofing in the form of streaks which is typically caused by hemorrhage with of the bituminous product in asphalt shingles which begins to break down and hemorrhage from the roof shingles. This is normally a sign of malfunctioning materials or that your tiles need replacement.

Can Roof Cleaning Really Help?

There are a number of roof cleaning problems that if left untouched, could wreak havoc on your roofing system.  It is necessary that you be aware of the warning signs that your roofing requires cleaning and also the causes that can result in the damage of your roofing if not cleaned at all. Precautionary actions such as roof cleaning are much cheaper and less expensive in the long run.

You don’t have to climb up on the roof and clean it yourself; there are roof cleaning companies who are experts in doing this. If you own a home in the Tampa Florida area and would like a free quote, give us a call 813-363-5284, we would be glad to help.